Video Production

Take Your Advertising to the Next Level

With our professional video production services, we can successfully expose your product or service to millions of engaged users throughout your website and the Internet. Businesses may seek to utilize our service to create professional grade commercials to advertise their company, product, or service or to create testimonials to post on their website in order to build credibility for the company. Give us a call today and ask us what we can do for you.

Our Process


Simply put, "Pre-Production" is every aspect that goes into making your video before rolling the cameras. For smaller, simpler productions, we sometimes may be able to show up and start shooting, but often we go through the pre-production process which includes writing the script, setting a budget, scouting locations, casting, and other behind-the-scenes processes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Conception, Budget and Script - First, we get an idea of what direction you want your video advertisement to go; what tone you want, messaging, target markets, and how you want to brand your business. From there, we help determine a budget that will meet your needs, and finally work with you on the script before moving on to other aspects of pre-production.

Casting - Working with professional talent agencies, we seek out and audition actors who bring the talent and experience necessary to make your video production rise above the rest.


Production is when the stars align - cast and crew are set, the concept is finalized, and our locations are ready to go. Our professional film crew then gets together on the specified date and makes the magic happen. Typically, a normal shoot will be finished in a day, but complicated and/or high budget shoots may take multiple days. Ultimately, we do whatever is best to meet your needs and deadlines for your video production.


In a sense, Post-Production is where the video truly begins to take shape. It's where we take all of the footage we captured and transform it into the final product. This involves video editing, sound-mixing, and any special effects that need to be added (on-screen text, animations, etc.). After a final approval from you, your video advertisement is ready to be put through the proper advertising channels.

Our Services

  • Pre-Production - Developing the concept for your video, from scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, and location scouting.
  • Shooting and Production - Filming the video to produce a message suited towards your business.
  • Post-Production - Video editing, special effects, voice work, messaging, and whatever else it takes to make your video the best that it can be.
  • Website Implementation - Putting the finished product on your company website to increase branding and exposure.
  • YouTube Advertising - Displaying your video on YouTube for the world to see.